Is it pretty bad that I almost cried?

So I'm visiting my family. I saw my grandfather and everyone already told me he is not doing good. I saw him and it honestly crushed me. I immediately got mad because of the medications and complications that I was told about. I got mad because he wasn't eating enough and I was yelling at my dad about it just frusterated. The family was going out for the night and I was supposed to go.

They were leaving him at the house. I said I was going to stay and they asked why I told them I don't know if this is the last time I'm going to see him. When I said it I didn't actually cry but you could see the emotion like I was about to. I'm a tough guy and I fee like I just lost some respect from my younger cousins. Never seen me like that. I'm sitting here next to him drinking a beer next to him watching football. He can't really talk but I'm keeping him company. I'm embarrassed as hell right now that I almost broke down in front of everyone.


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  • It's not bad at all.
    Your grandfather is going through an hard time, so it's normal that you want to spend more time with him.
    The fact that you almost cried shows that you love him and care about him.
    And if your cousins lose respect for you because of it, then they are the ones who are wrong.
    You're doing the right thing, don't worry.


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  • That's so sweet of you <3

    I've also been to such kind of situation before. My granny had tumor. Even tho I love her sooo much, I met her after four years. And watching her in that kind of situation hit me so hard. When I was leaving, I was thinking if this is the last time I am seeing her. If yes, I just want to keep the picture of her in my eyes forever. I didn't want to turn my head, but I had to accept it and move on.

    I'm a man, I never cry, no matter how hard I took a beating, I just don't cry. But we are humans, we have feelings. Crying gives us a relief as those stress relieving hormones help. It makes us 'humans'. Crying doesn't make you any less of a man. Of course, crying over little things is bad, but having such kind of a feelings for your family, makes you an alpha man.

    I am glad that people like you exist. Nowadays, people don't care about their parents or children, but you care even about your grandparents. That's simply awesome.

    Don't feel bad. Just spend as much time as with your grandpa. Try making those little moments, forever. (God forbid) if anything happened to him, accept the reality of life. We are just bound to rest someday. Don't regret that it ended, but be glad that it happened.

    "One who enacts obligatory prescribed actions without expectation of the result of actions he is truly a renunciate and a follower of the science of uniting the individual consciousness with the Ultimate consciousness; not one without prescribed duties, nor one who merely renounces bodily actions"

    I pray for your grandpa's recovery. God bless 😇 good luck!


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  • You had a revelation. It hit you at the very moment it was happening. No time for thought or contemplation. The overwhelming truth resulted in an abundance of emotion that released all at once resulting in the tears.

    Nothing to be ashamed of. It's just a physical representation of the love you have for him.

    The smallest tears come from deepest parts of our souls.

    This is especially true of the toughest of the toughies.

  • No it's totally normal. I was in a similar situation and I cried. It's normal.
    You should cry and let the tears wash up your sorrow.

    • I'm a man though. I think it's a little different. I'm not supposed to break like that. I didn't cry but it was obvious that I felt like it.

    • If it really bothers you, you can cry in private...
      I wouldn't judge my man if he cries in this situation and only God knows how much I love manly men.

  • I cry, I'm not ashamed

  • No, it's totally normal


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  • Yeah that's normal, family is important it's sad when they're not doing to well.

  • Who fucking cares? Thats your grandfather you can be a man and express emotions their is nothing wrong with that its about not letting them affect your judgment you don't have to be stone in fact thats actually the exact opposite of masculinity. A mans suppose to protect and care for his family and you can't do that if you don't feel so its not bad its normal. He is your grandfather you should care, its bad that no one else reacted the way you did thats the only part thats bad.

  • This is very normal, totally acceptable. You just care a lot about him. And that is very good :)