How do I tell him I dont want nothing with him without breaking his heart really bad?

so my boyfriend friend tx me saying he likes me, he loves me etc stuff like that and i only tell him ok cuzz i am dating his friend n i respect my boyfriend but he says he just want to win my heart so that when i break up with my boyfriend and i want to tell him i dont want nothing with him but without breaking his heart couse i dont like breaking peoples heart


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  • Well your have to be clear 100% to him that you are not interested...
    And that he should not be hitting on you as he is being a bad friend


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  • You just have to be straightforward. If you beat around the bush it makes it harder for him. You have to say something like, "hey, thanks for thinking of me as such a special person and loving me, but I'm in a relationship right now, so I'll have to turn you down. Thanks for seeing me as so lovely and valuable." Something sweet like that, thank him and aknowledge that you know that he likes you so much, but be firm that you can't and won't date him.


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  • Tell your boyfriends friend "Sorry but I love ____ and can't be with you "
    Make it that simple and see how things go.

  • So you're cheating on him with his friend but don't want to break his heart? It doesn't work like that...

    • 2mo

      i am not cheating on him maybe u didn't get my explanation his friend is the one text me n i want to tell him i dont like him cuzz i am taken n i love my boyfriend (which is his friend) n he says he waiting until i break up with my boyfreind so that we can date but i want to tell him i dont want none with him without breaking his heart

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