My roomate snores and I really don't know what to do. Help?

I'm a freshmen in college and it's my first time living with someone who isn't a family member. Anyway I just started noticing how my roomate snores and it bothers me so much. During the first couple weeks I hadn't noticed and I'm not too sure if she was snoring at all but after a while I started to notice it and now I'm loosing a lot of sleep because of it. One night I woke up three times and stayed up until i had to get up and get to class. I also downloaded an app that plays white noise but it still doesn't necessarily block the snoring. I in fact just ordered ear plugs on Amazon and i'm hoping that it works. I plan on telling her about the snoring and my trouble sleeping because of it, but i just think that it's pointless because a person can't necessarily control what they do while they are asleep. I don't really want to move somewhere else or get a new roomate because i just got accustomed to and comfortable in the room i'm in and i actually really like my roomate; she's very chill and cool and fun to be around, the snoring is the only issue. I've never dealt with a problem like this because i shared a room with my sister my whole life and she slept soundly and did not snore at all. I also usually have trouble falling asleep at night (it takes me awhile) and now the snoring is adding on to that. I really hope the ear plugs work. But what do you guys think?


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  • Put the straw in her nose and when she's gona breathe through her nose the she will take in juice in her nose and wake up. The you can slap her and tell herr what a surprise you can't sleep either


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  • i live in the same room as someone who snores, lucky for me I'm deaf in one ear so i can just sleep on the one i hear in. id suggest ear pluggs and a lot of pillows

  • get a blow horn