Why don't guys like me?

I think I'm one of these girls who get friend zoned before they even say hi


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  • Wait til you're older, it'll come

    • I'm 16 turning 17 in March

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    • Those guys exist, I'm one of them. Just don't give up, you'll meet one in time

    • I have yet to see any boy show the slightest interest in me

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  • You will meet someone, you are still young, when you start college you will see a whole bunch of guys and they will talk to you. Don't think negative while dealing with high school boys.


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  • you're lucky to not be labeled as weird. don't think too much about guys kay? Think about your education abd other things and the right guy will come along with time.

    • First off that's all I fucking think about my mother has made it very clear that is the only thing I'm allowed to fucking think about. second off I'm 16 turning 17 in March and I'm home schooled so the right nothing is going to show up ever

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    • ... dang... you sound like me besides the fact that I rough house my brother and I haven't been fishing yet...

    • I don't have brothers I have 4 male cousins and one big dad 😂 I'm only thinking about boys because I'm a bit board and a bit pissed off about today

  • How could we possibly know?