What does it mean to despise someone?

Is it basically hating their guts? I can never tell th difference between dislike and despise. And what would make someone despise another person?


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What Guys Said 1

  • To despise to me is like a million degreees beyond hate lol. Like how i despise one of my closest friends. I hate the sight of him, hearing anything about him, Even hearing his name annoys the hell out of me. If this was a lawless universe, I would surely remove him from this world, I despise him so dam much.

    Hate that guy, man!!!


What Girls Said 2

  • Basically. When you despise someone, you hate them, you don't want to see or be around them, you just absolutely cannot stand them. Disliking someone is no where near the likes of despising someone.

    It depends on the person. Like Person 1 betraying Person 2 could make Person 2 despise Person 1, if you catch my drift. It all leans on what the person finds as a serious offense to them. You know what I mean?

    • Yeah I get you're saying. So would crossing a boundary make someone despise you? I've never despised anyone nor has anyone despise me so I'm curious if they had different meanings cause they pretty much mean the same to me

    • To me - if someone crossed a boundary of mine once or twice or three times, it would only make me dislike them. But if they continued to cross the line over and over, it could lead to me hating them and then despising. Because despising is way heavier than hating.

  • Yes. It means to hate someone it's bigger than hate or can be hate/jealousy mixed together.