Why are the Jacksonville Jaguars such a shit team every year?

Why are they so shit year after year? It seems like they play to lose at times.


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  • poor management. bad personnel decisions, too short of leashes on some coaches, selection of questionable character players at times.

    i remember when they first came out and they made it the AFC championship game in their like 2nd or 3rd year. then the impatiently fired tom coughlin (who won two super bowls in NY) and since then they've been in a constant cycle of player/personnel turnover

    • kind of felt like they were making progress the last two seasons but this year seem to be in the same old situation

    • Just watching yesterday's game they were terrible everywhere. I find it hard to see them getting better anytime soon.

    • it seems the really need o-line help and a reliable passing attack. they brought in their coach because he was a defensive stud but the defense is still struggling

      i think for them they need to find a marquee player. someone other players will want to play with. they had this with marc brunell and to a lesser extent david gerard. as it is though free agents don't want to play there... if they can draft a marquee player (qb or rb) i think that would begin to change their fortunes


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  • Uhhh... it's a tax write-off, just like in San Diego with the Chargers. They purposely trade good players for bad ones. Purposely hire the worst coaches, etc...

    Me OTOH... I'm a Packers fan. And if those guys keep playing like losers, I probably will turn off the NFL for the rest of the year. All that talent... all that capability... and they barely eek out a win (when they do) against a losing team.

  • Their coaching his horrible. Bortles isn't this bad. And they should have easily one of the top 5 offenses in the league. Their defense and o line is pretty suspect

    • What's so good about Bortles? I haven't seen him do anything special.

  • The GM and office staff make poor hiring decisions.

  • Bottles lost a step.