Where did you get the advice you give to others?

I tried giving advice once but I couldn't do it well. I need a font of advice giving. Where doth your wizdom bubble forth?

  • Personal Experience
    78% (7)29% (2)56% (9)Vote
  • Professional Sources
    11% (1)14% (1)12% (2)Vote
  • Instincts, Gut, Etc.
    11% (1)57% (4)32% (5)Vote
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  • I've made a LOT of mistakes in life. The mistakes I haven't made, I most likely have friends that have.

    Also I read a lot of different things online.


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  • Mostly from personal experiences.


What Guys Said 2

  • Sex and the City and Cosmo, duh. Quit being such a Charlotte and have more faith in yourself.

  • A mix of both personal and reading. I grew up as a shy and nonconfident kid since I was depressed for many many years. I had no game, no friends, no life, nothing. I spent ao many hours reading up on pua, relationships, body language, and psychology. Most of it was bullshit, but there was definitely a lot of helpful advice. Obsessing over this stuff made me have a very strong foundation to work on. When I was ripenfor the picking, I put myself out there and actually had good success. Now I've improved my game by actually understanding the whole mating ritual and how people behave. I actually understand women completely, better than they understand themselves.