How to respect other people when you have an extremely dominant personality?

I'm starting to have issues at school with the teacher, it's make me go crazy to follow rules, or do something someone else wants me to do, to the teacher it seems like I am my own teacher and I do the things the way I do and not her, what can I do to limit myself?


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  • Don't be a fucking asshole and call it "dominant personality", there's a start.

    Have some goddamn respect for the person who worked their ass off to get a degree and actually knows what they are fucking talking about because they spent literally years of their life to teach people like YOU things they are actually specialized in because it's a topic that they are truly passionate about.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Who cares? Be the leader don't he a follower cunt! Don't allow anyone command you have your own way. I always had problems with teachers but nothing happend I was always the boss hah! 😎


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  • I think you need to have a serious and long chat with your teacher to discuss your emotions and feelings to come up with solutions to your issue.

  • Be respectful and listen to the teacher, but in your head you can think/say whatever you like. After class you can vent all you like. You are risking jeopardizing your future grades, and just future in general.


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