How to figure him out?

We are close friends, but when we are together we act like something is between us, but I know that nothing will work out now because he doesn't want a serious relationship, so maybe I make him comfortable or he likes being this way with me? I don't know why he keeps hugging holding my hand but he doesn't want anything to happen, maybe he likes me but he doesn't want anything?


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  • Well either you become a fuck buddy or friends with benefits. Cause obviously he telling he's not into relationships yet and your confused for no reason.

    • And how can we become friends with benefits, I can't just kiss him

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    • But that needs to happen when we're alone and we're always surrounded by people

    • I was just giving you an example. I'm sure you get what I mean by after he take lead you push it a bit further.

  • It is a bit unfair for him to be so affectionate but hold back on having a relationship

  • If your friends then I'd hold off on relationship for now. Bc it could ruin a friendship in a bad way. However fate might say otherwise


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