How to talk about depression?

I'm not good at talking about my feelings and my thoughts. I don't want to bother people with my problems and I kind of see it as showing my weakness to them.
I've been feeling depressing lately, thoughts about killing myself, mood swings for no reason etc. But I'm scared to share my thoughts with others, because I don't want them to treat me or look at me differently.


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  • Been there. You definitely need to talk to someone instead of suffering in silence. A professional counselor would be great if it's available to you. Lay people are sometimes not as understanding if they haven't experienced it themselves.


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  • 1. If you've been having thoughts of killing yourself, you need to go see a psychiatrist ASAP.

    2. Never be ashamed for suffering from depression- it's a disease, not a personal weakness.

    3. The only people you need to share your thoughts with are your mental health professionals. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to talk about your health problems with your friends.

    4. See #1.


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  • I'd seek a professional. Sounds like you have something going on that needs treatment. You need to work through it.

  • See a therapist then. Plus see a psychiatrist to determine if you need meds. These people are paid to listen and attend to your problems.


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