Sexted my mom by accident?

I was having a sexual rp with the girl i mentioned in my last question when my mom texted me that her boyfriend isn't coming over. I replied saying "okay" and I locked my phone. The girl texted me back and I replied that I was dripping lube on my hand. I forgot to double check what screen I was on and didn't realize till later that I texted that to my mom. Panicking, I texted again saying "wrong person" but she freaked out and took my phone away. She gave my phone back today after I negotiated with her and she and I are cool now, as you can see from the bottom of the screenshot. I don't know if she's entirely over this yet. Single moms, can I get your input?Sexted my mom by accident??


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  • I'm not a mum but it seems like she has gotten over it. Or just not talking about it with you. If she has any concern she would have a word with you when she can. Just don't lie to her about it if she does ask. Being open with your mum about it creates trust. I learnt the hard way


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