What do you think about people who make negative comments anonymously?

I don't know about others but I have yet to make a comment anonymously. Only time I would make a comment anonymously would be to hide very personal information. I would never comment anon just to put people down or make any negative comment because when I say something good or bad I stand by it as me. I think people who hide behind anon for those reasons are hiding who they really are from the world because they know they should feel shame for what they are saying and thinking. And even if I hated someone's comment, I could at least take them seriously by not hiding behind it. If they stand by what they say then stop being giant PUSSIES. Otherwise you're nothing but a troll no one can take seriously. I know now when I ask questions to not allow anon comments. Grow a pair.

  • It's ok to use anon for that reason
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  • I can't respect someone's critical remarks hiding behind anon
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  • They act so big and bad because no one knows who they are
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  • They are trolls
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  • I've never posted anonymously. I think they're cowards

    • (This is for @PinkMichae, not reptocarl) I don't even flinch when they aren't anon. Just look at the abuse I take on Deviantart: comments.deviantart.com/1/544275267/3945302669


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    • @Skadouchebag. Yes they are being abusive. But they probably feel you were being abusive first. Can you imagine people acting like you're a freak of nature or an abomination to God because they are being who they feel they are? When really we are all God's children that sin. Your sin being no different than theirs. That is if God and the Bible is what you believe in. If you judge people for who they are or feel they are then expect to be judged back. Really it's not anyone's place to judge someone even if you think it's a sin. It's God's place to do that.

    • @PinkMichae *sigh* And that's the problem. If you'll read the things I posted that these were comments to (and do so carefully), you'll see that i wasn't judging anyone or accusing anyone of being an "abomination of nature".

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  • They are such pussies to leave a negative comment hiding behind the anonymous feature. If I have something negative to say I either:

    • Don't even comment

    • Say it without the anonymous feature


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  • I believe a mixture of B, C and D - I agree with your view with just a little extra, some just want to fly beneath the radar and leave quite normal comments.

  • i think they're weak. if you have a view you want to share, you stand behind it, with your name attached-it's called honesty.

    I do however understand anonymous questions-if you want honest info without revealing who you are.

  • I don't like anons period

  • They have a right of free expression.

    • The majority agree they can't be taken seriously if they have to hide.

    • You are right and I am never anonymous. But they are given those rights by GAG as per GAG policy. We as members have to abide by their policies. If they say anything wrong or hurting you can complain and get their comments deleted. that's all you can do.

    • Well I finally saw when asking this question that I can not allow anonymous comments. ?

  • I post negative comments without being anonymous.

  • They go Anonymous and make negative remarks cause they can get away with it

  • The are spineless and can't defend their opinions.


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