What is wrong with people and this sudden inability to handle any sort of perceived confrontation?

Is it something in the water? Why is it nearly impossible to have any sort of impassioned discussion with people now, without it devolving into some sort of societal culture war? What happened to heated debates? It's like all arguments are essentially:
A has an opinion.
B thinks A's opinion is wrong.
A explains their reasoning.
B assumes A is triggered/mad/jealous/sad/salty/whatever and that's apparently the end of that.

Or, A has an opinion. B thinks A's opinion is wrong and tried to provide reasoning why. A assumes B is triggered/mad/jealous/sad/salty/whatever and apparently, that's the end of that as well.

PSA: It is possible to type a lot of things, over the internet, and not be mad or triggered or jealous or whatever. Just saying.


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  • Because our society has embraced, all or nothing "My way or the highway" thinking. Blind loyalty to dogma is rewarded in private and public institutions over ability and dedication. Also the idea of the "safe space" where no matter what you say you are right, has led many people to confuse opinions with facts. Let me just add this an invention of Baby Boomer educators, not Millenials, we just have to suffer with it.

    I was on another question, someone said something factually incorrect, so I said that is not true at all. Someone asked to explain, so I did, the OP with the factually incorrect statement went off on me then blocked me. Its like one thing if I insulted her, which I didn't, but I mean wtf? You are entitled to your own opinions not your own facts!

    If someone keeps calling you salty, triggered etc., just say"call me salty all you want it won't change the fact that..."


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  • its never about the generation, its always been like that, it just seems that way because we have the ability to go on the internet and express our feelings to people we can't even see. plus, word gets around quicker.


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  • Oh I agree, the words triggered, butthurt, jealous, etc are way overused on here. They just use those words to dismiss the opinion of someone who sees things differently or calls them out on something. It's funny because the same people who go around accusing everyone else of being triggered do the same things that they labeled other people as triggered for. Of course they are never triggered because that word only applies when they are using it against someone else 🙈

  • Because our society is completely feminized. Few people are willing to listen to opposing ideas or opinions because they might have to admit they were wrong and change their mind. Everyone is a perfect special snowflake now, and perfect special snowflakes are never wrong.

  • As far as I know this isn't recent its been this way for awhile. They do assume your "triggered", that was new to me until recently. It makes me wish I could just show my face in real time while typing just to hammer home just how apathetic I am to it all. Usually they just block you after that though.


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