Why is it I start having anxiety attacks when I'm not moving forward in life? How can I keep moving forward?

I start having panic attacks and get all down when I get into a routine, I'm pretty sure It's because I need to constantly move forward and progress in things or I start shaking and everything


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  • You're just like me, and I'm feeling that way right now too. I personally believe it has a lot to do with what we haven't accomplished yet. I feel anxious when things get messy or disorganized and not just literally, but generally in life, it makes me panic lmao. The best I can suggest is to try to take your mind off things by keeping busy with hobbies and slowly teaching yourself to relax bit by bit. Otherwise, you'll lose your hair quick as you age in quantity and quality, and probably live a much more stressful life in general, etc. Think of it as a big project, and it's not so bad after a while.

    • if you're depressed you live in the past.. if anxious you live in a future you cannot control... live life in the present, control whatd going on at the moment each moment at the time :) try that out okay

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  • You need to get past it. I overcame obsessive compulsive disorder by doing everything the urges said not to do. Eventually they left me alone. If you fight through it you will destroy it.