Is it safe to vent on this site, or is that best avoided?

My question i guess is: negativity, is it okay to express in its rawest form? I ask because this site doesn't seem like the place to do it (despite seeing many other doing it anyway.) There are better sites i think... again i think, like reddit which has subreddits for almost every type discussion, which like-minded peeps can usually be found. I also noticed that normally there is at least always one person who has there head screwed on right and is willing to answer honest and helpfully, or just converse on the subject (which i like).

But, i feel this site has a greater deal of... for the lack of a better word, a normalcy feel to it. This feels like the kind of site where people mostly come from the real world so to speak, the world of jobs, normal, healthy relationships, etc. Which are more of the type of people i want to read from, not just people who specialize in a certain aspect of life.

Anyway, what do you think? Is this an okay place to vent (when you have no one in particular in real life to vent to?)
Or ney?


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  • I'm gonna be honest with you. Yes, you could vent - plenty of people do it. Throw it in a MyTake. But do be ready for a possible onslaught of ridicule and scathing comments.


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  • Yeah, venting is pretty much OK, just be sure your post follows the posting guidelines here.

    The format of the site is geared around questions and myTakes. If you're starting out, you might want to start with posting your vent as a question, seeking advice from others. Good luck and welcome!


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  • If you want to vent then do it without resorting to insults and blatant lies, otherwise you will be open to ridicule and trolling.

    Form a coherent argument and people might try and help you.

  • Fine by me. I love rants (for various reasons I don't feel like typing out). But like anywhere, you will get your fair share of haters. Just be aware is my advice.