Do you have trouble reading people or their intentions?

I am particularly bad at it.

I always second-guess myself wondering if I've read the person right.

Example; I was in a group project and this girl kept making a big deal out of things. I think she was jealous that I would get a better mark. She grabbed one of the girls saying she just wanted to take her for a walk. I asked my friend if she was talking about us and she said, " ha ha obviously."

I ended up getting the highest mark one could get on the project. When my friend told this girl that (I) did excellent/so well, the girl barely said anything.


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What Guys Said 2

  • im extremely awful at it. i never have any idea whats going on unless someone makes it very obvious


  • She is just jealous of you

    • Probably, but I wonder why I am so bad at picking up on things.

    • It takes time reading body language and noticing certain things and the way they talk but once you have been around people for a long time you can tell

What Girls Said 1

  • No I'm usually really good at reading people, it's crazy lol I'm so intuitive.