Did you vote 👀👀?

Idgaf who you voted for lol so don't tell me. I just want to know how many of y'all used your right to vote

  • Yes I did!
    33% (3)27% (4)29% (7)Vote
  • Nope
    33% (3)33% (5)33% (8)Vote
  • I will
    34% (3)40% (6)38% (9)Vote
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  • Yes... on October 2nd, when there were elections to mayors in every citty of my country xD


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  • Yeah, I got mine in early because I'm suffering from something right now that doesn't allow me to be in public. If I do go out, it's rather embarrassing, so, I take the opp. when I can to do things early

    Why didn't you allow anon's for this. Seems silly

    • Good, nd I don't see why this question would need to be answered anon I like to see who's talkin lol, anon answers are always either weird or offensive anyway so

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    • I don't understand why I should've nobody mentioned this but you lol. I started doing this for a couple of questions now jus bc I overlooked the option before. But now ima keep doing it bc why not it's harmless I like to see who posts honestly. If anyone feel the need to go anon then I guess that's what the other questions are for.

    • Yeah, then I won't be answering any of your questions then, sorry

  • I never early vote. There may be things about the guy I plan to vote for I won't like.

  • I will on Tuesday

  • Not yet but I wil on Tuesday


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