For the LGBTQ people on GAG, what sexuality are you, and how dI'd you come out?

I'm a bisexual girl and I'm out to most of my friends, but not my parents. My mother would be fine, but my father is overprotective and pretty against it, so I don't know how to go about this.


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  • Bisexual and transexual. Coming out i did the latter first. was stuck in car with my mum looking out window depressed, she asked what was wrong, i just cracked and said i wanted to be a girl and always have.
    As for my father, day i got my hormones i told him i was trans. Decided to wait to tell him.

    As for sexuality, they both asked once i'd transitioned how exactly i see myself sexually, i said bisexual/pansexual. They didn't care that much. Both support me.


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  • You are ONLY 15! Wait until you leave home, or become collegiate, or both.

    I understand the feelings, but shouldn't you let the numerous other crises of adolescence play out first?

    No this is *not* an attack on your perceived sexuality, but I do put emphasis on the word perceived. So much turmoil goes on in those teen years.

    • I'm certain I'm bisexual. It's not hard to tell that I'm attracted to both genders..

    • OK, even if you are certain, there is SO much going on in those years besides that. And that is why we have a taboo against minor sexuality and we have "age of consent" laws.

      You have a right to grow up before you get into the murk and gurk of sexuality, hetero or otherwise.

  • I think many people in the LGBTQ don't consider queer but I don't care. I'm asexual and aromantic. I only came out to people who I know and trust. They all thought it's not a big deal.

  • I;m bisexual but not really out about it


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