I get really attached to objects?

So, today my mom gave me a new pillow. I don't know what to do with the other one. I looked at it and I said, we've been through a lot together I can't just throw you away or something. It gave me a weird feeling in my stomach but like, its just a pillow it shouldn't matter. I do the same thing with old toys and clothes and stuff. "Oh I used to look so cute in this shirt I can't sell it." Or "I used to play with this all the time no way I can part with it were friends."
Obviously this is weird. I don't want to have this attachment but at the same time the attachment makes me want to not get rid of the attachment if that makes sense.
What should I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You can donate and give it to clothing bank, so another person would be happy for wearing it for free.. :) help others!

    • I don't want to part with the objects is the problem
      Donating won't help

What Girls Said 2

  • same i get attached to all the stuff i owned so my closet is just filled with all my stuff

  • Ha me too. I have a key to every place I ever lived bc I'm sentimental about dumb shjt like that

    • Yeah but I get attached to like everything

    • Get a spot on that show hoarders. Get paid