Is it wrong to talk to a teacher about alcohol?

Everyone was just on their phones and talking in stuff like normal 8th graders would be doing. But anyways i was talking to a teacher and I asked him how his day was and he just replied with "Just stress full with meetings to go to everyday" and im like go out sometime and drink and he was like "nah I don't drink heavily" i said just don't drink a lot just a little say a beer and 2 shots of gentlemen's jack I mean it's not bad but everyone is different but i don't like the feeling of it burning your throat lmao and he started laughing. Then I left and thought what the fuck did I just tell a teacher and freaked thinking that I could get in trouble. Is that possible?


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  • I don't think you will get in trouble. Your teacher should keep his problems to himself.


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  • It's not an appropriate topic for you to bring up.


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