How to get rid of islam peacefully? especially in turkey?

I am an irreligious turkish person I want to get rid of islam peacefully I want to destroy this hateful satanic anti gay anti women violent primitive evil religion especially in turkey
Turkey is one of the most moderate and the least religious muslim country also its secular mostly because of the great Atatürk he tried to destroy islam in turkey he even said : İslam is the religion of an immoral arab it can be the religion of desert tribes but it cannot be the religion of a developing country but unfortunately he couldn't succeed completely I don't mean waging war on them I mean Do you have an idea How to get rid of islam peacefully?



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  • Religious people can't be convinced to give up on their religion, but you can decrease the rate of people baptizing their kids by providing education and promoting science. It will be hard, money consuming on the government, but it can be done. However, the rulers of the country won't agree with this idea because it's easier to rule mindless sheep than educated people.

    • Mustapha Kemal tried that in Turkey. It didn't work out.

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    • @jacquesvol I didn't think the change will happen overnight, but after a few (3-4) generations. Most developed countries are also the least religious ones, and I don't wonder why.

    • In Russia they started in 1917. We're nearly 2017 One hundred years and Russia is more religious now than ever.

      In iran too the Shah and Mossadegh started educating girls, to the point girls have the highest schooling in the world there. And Iran is more religious now than ever.
      In N Africa educated girls don't find a husband.

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  • This is a good question, ataturk definitely was more secular. I know Erdogan is an Islamist, and has been consolidating power and jailing rivals for a long time. Until him and his party are out of power, it will be hard for Turkey to shift back towards secularist policies. As far the general public is concerned, it takes time. It can't however, be forced. I think it will just happen over time, especially with economic and scientific advancement.

    • but under erdoğan turkish economy developed a lot unfortunately erdoğan was better than most secular governments in turkey

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    • but I don't see why secular governments weren't able to do that

    • Could also be due to foreign powers, competition, and other circumstances. Presidents take a lot of blame and praise that they really are not responsible for.


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  • yeah, thats unfortunately not possible.

  • Turkey is certainly not most moderate. I know plenty of Turkish girls who have been forced into marriage, one whos father threatened to kill her when she was going to run away to avoid marrying a guy double her age.
    Turkish people might drink and gamble and ignore many "rules" of Islam, but many Turkish people certainly do treat women like property.
    So, Turkish will drink, smoke, gamble, have sex with all the British tourists, scam older British women for a visa or money... So that makes them better because they ignore those parts of Islam? Doesn't sound right.

    • I said one of the most moderate kemalist turks are mostly irreligios

  • I don't think you can peacefully get rid of a religion or a group of people...

  • Good economic situations tend to reverse religious fanaticism.

    • turkish economy is booming ait's the 5th fastest growing economy in the world also malaysia qatar etc.. have good economics but they're still muslim

    • Ideology seems to become less rigid among most cultures, when there is more wealth distributed to more people. Religion in itself isn't anything other than a set of kind of vague ideas - the way people carry these ideas out is fluid, which is why religious identity changes so much through the centuries.

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  • well the short answer... there is no way to peacefully remove a religion.

    but Islam is not the problem. it's certain interpretations of the religion that are the problem. there are people all over the world of various religions who interpret their faith to mean something that leads to violent, anti-social behavior

    • but quran says beat your wife mohammad was a peophile he had 12 wives he spread his religion by batling and sheding blood

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    • it does. it calls homosexuality an abomination
      "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them" - Leviticus Chapter 20 vs 13

      the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is about a city destroyed because it was abound with sinful activity

      there are other parts of the bible as well

    • abrahamic religions are evil

  • You'll never get rid of it peacefully; Islam represents a darker part of humanity's nature, and it can only be beaten with fire.

    • I agree islam presents the dark side of the humanity but if we destroy islam by fire there will not be any difference with islam

    • *represents

  • will getting rid of a faith or a belief is not a decision i can make, it has to do with people's perciption and mentality, a faith is a faith but each person has his own way of interpreting it. the problem isn't specifically in the religon itself it's in the people themselves, well someone's behaviour has nothing to do with his religion, it has to do with his values. you/i/them dont have the right to define people through what we think right, you compare nations, you get confused how that is better than those.. each has its own history, has its own way of evolving. the thing is you dont impose what you think right, that is extremism.

    • but quran says beat your wife and it orders muslims to fight in the name of allah and mohamad was a pedophile he spread his religion by battling and sheding blood also islam is anti gay anti women primitive religion

  • I think that if a good number of people start science movements, peoples curiosity will grow and they will question more things and better separate personal believe/faith, with how nature actually seems to work and politics.

    You can be one of those people starting the fire.

    But... always be respectfull, no attacks.
    Best way to avoid the meteor is to deflect it, not nuke it.

    • Organize yourself, know people with similar objectives, do things happen.
      If you are brave, prepare yourself for all kinds of resistance... antecipate them.

      That's how other's did it.

  • Natural select will take care of it,
    People who are that brainwashed aren't intelligent enough to survive a disaster.

  • YOU want to get rid of Islam. And other Turks?

    • but young turks are getting more and more irreligious and also kemalist turks are irreligious only erdoğan supporters are religious I don't have an idea because of that I asked that do you have and idea how to get rid of islam peacefully

    • kemalist Turks are a minority, conspiring with Gülen.

    • no of course fuck gülen he is terrorist he tried the make a coup we're not minority there are a lot of irreligious kemalists in turkey erdoğan's party akp get votes not only from muslims he also get votes from kemalists kurds etc.. even some irreligious turks vote for him because of his economic success he developed turkey a lot economically

  • It's impossible to destroy an ideology that widespread peacefully.

    • unfortunately that saddens me

  • how to get rid of you..
    can you imagine how stupid i sound now
    cool , i think you got the message now

    • it's not stupid of course we're not terrorists we want to get rid of it by peaceful methods

    • we want to remove it ideologically and remove its evil beliefs and orders

    • terrorists ,,,, lol
      you are funny

      you are not terrorists , you only invaded middle east more than eleven times, then call us terrorists

      of course you need justification to kill innocents without feeling bad

      so tell me how to get rid of you,,, peacefully?

  • Give them non halal Turkey as a peace offering.

  • Bring Christianity back to turkey.

    • but turkey has never been christian I just want it to be secular and advanced country and without islam of course

    • What Turkey was always Christian until the ottoman Turks invaded. The eastern Christian churches in Turkey are probably the oldest Christian churches in the world.

  • ha yeah right. that'll be the day.

    • what do you mean by saying that'll be the day?