Gaggers what do you think of me?

  • Meh, you're alright
    60% (12)53% (8)57% (20)Vote
  • I hate you
    20% (4)20% (3)20% (7)Vote
  • You're a weeb (I also benched your mum fggt)
    5% (1)20% (3)11% (4)Vote
  • 10/10 would bang
    15% (3)7% (1)12% (4)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • God bless Allah... you are the only man who inspired me... i was fan of Kai greene.. we he is the champ... good man hardworker.. but their is one man who give power in my soul... i love you Malifebelikeoooahh brave man... now im using path... my extream dream is that i hug you hard and say Sir please train me as like you train yourself and you say.. Oh yes my boy i will do... sheeshbhom ALLAHUUU


Most Helpful Guy

  • My redcoat mate from London.. 😎


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