People that were bad at Maths and failed science in school. What direction did you take / or are doing now?

I am curious how people that did not manage to do so well in these are doing now

also how did you get there


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  • suck at both. I'm a certified professional coder for Penn Medicine

    • went to Drexel university and majored in it. then got job placement

    • professional coder? what requirements do you need to get into that? i haven't heard of that before so i am curious

    • high school education. then you take the coding classes. 48 credits. medical coding 1&2, hospital coding 1&2, physician based medical coding 1&2, medical terminology 1&2, medical billing software 1&2. then you have to take the state certification. it's the process of taking doctor diagnosis and procedures & turning them into alpha-numeric codes and submitting them to the insurance companies for payment. also had to take Accounts Receivable, Account Payable, & the business side of medicine

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  • Math was my most horrible subject ironically I chose a career field in which I regularly use math and complex/hard mathematical equations.


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  • I didn't fail math at school but I hated it. I had an OK level, could've done better but i find math so boring.
    I went to a Medical Uni because I had an excellent level in Biology and had a good grade in my baccalaureate overall. But little did I know that not only did I need Math to pass my competition exam, but I needed to be extremely good at it. I failed physics because of math and failed the year.

    Now I'm a law student and I'm I don't need math... for now.

    • i actually did excellent in physics but the science qualification in high school was awarded between the sciences they were not separate. so teh grade would make the others worse. I had terrible biology and chemistry teacherrs. never even stayed in the lesson so it made me overall fail.

      what is the requirement to study law? i was considering studying law or international relations in a master degree but am trying to figure out which would be better. (i have a business degree for my bachelor). Business degree jobs are all dependent on experience

    • I studied in the French system so they took into consideration my grades in French expression, History, Geography, Foreign languages, as-well as the overall diploma score ^^

  • I had a math teacher straight up tell me my "brain isn't right for math" in highschool. I ended up majoring in economics.

    Don't let anyone else tell you what you can and can't do.

    • how did you end up in economics? i had a math teacher that would literally fall asleep in class

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  • I was good at math and I never had a problem with it. I sucked at science and I hated it but I never failed it. I'm a tattoo artist now because I like art and I'm passionate about it. It's my favorite subject.

  • Sucked at science and maths. I remember my science teacher telling my parents that I'm bad at science.
    Now I'm currently taking up engineering. Still bad at it but I can still manage.

    • what grade did you get in science and maths? was it a pass? which engineerign did you get into? seems difficult and heavily math based. algebra was always the thing i couldn't get my head around

  • You can study law I think it's your best choice