Are glasses supposed to make me look uglier or is it just cuz I'm ugly?

Holy shit they even make my fat freaking lips look fatter 😭😭 the sales lady was just being nice

  • yes they make you look uglier
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  • no you're just ugly
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  • are u attention whoring again
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  • 🌸🌹🌼🌻
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  • I wore glasses from 8th grade to Junior year and a couple of years ago I got contacts- love em and they're the daily ones so they are disposable. I think glasses look good on some but not others? There are plenty of styles though of glasses


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  • It depends on whether it suits your face shape or not

    • They all emphasize my ugly features😭😭

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    • See because you're not me. You have no idea how i ugly i feel. That's a good reason not to worry about your features.
      But i can help you with some tips on how to look better with glasses, just pm me because i don't want my secrets to spill 😂😂
      Warning: it does not work for everyone

    • Lol ok😂😂

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  • You just look like a normal guy wearing glasses like me.