Should I log in or let it go?

So facebook just sent me a password reset link for my old facebook account, which i have been trying to get into on n off for a year n half. I honestly dont known why or what was pushing me to do this but something was telling me i need too get back into the account.. a gut feeling if you will. I have been thinking about why i wanted the account back so much and just remember i have a lot of stuff on their having to do with my ex, Old photos& message's so not am thinking its a bad idea to log in. Am also thinking maybe am just over thinking things which i tend to do a lot. So should i let this go n let all my effect go yo waste? or should i log back into the account which has lots of old stuff their?


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  • I've been off of social media for some time now, and I don't regret it. It's not worth it dude. forget facebook

    • How long has it been?

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    • Thinking i may wait till next month the 7 but i never use facebook that much to begin with

    • But i known the feeling i cut off video games and now am a lot better off

  • Don't bother man. Stick with it and be free of all this social media stuff. Just live real life, and use the phone.

    If anything, set up a fapbook account, just to view the occasional picture to fap to. I dunno how to get people to friend you tho on that one

    • Lol i never fap to old photos on facebook nothing good on their. As for my phone i motly use it for music n light light porn

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    • Dude i dont wanna jack off to no fucking photks

    • But is it possible