What happens when you try to rob a Muslim?


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  • Interesting story, I am not a Muslim nor do I follow their teachings. In the end, it's always about faith, hope, redemption and forgiveness isn't it? I hope that there would be more people that would come to an understanding of the difference between Muslims and the extremists that claim they are Muslims. The extremists follow cults and corrupted ideologies to commit atrocities towards innocent people. The extremists and the cults are all a bunch of liars and hypocrites to the religion or faith they claim that they are representing or promoting. Because those extremists are extremely intolerant of others differences and having different views and beliefs than they do, that they promote and incite hate and violence towards those that don't follow their extreme ways and ideologies.


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  • What is this? Pro muslim propaganda? Unbelievable

    since you're "Somalia", it's kind of ironic that you'd post something like that. What happens when you try to rob a Muslim? How about what happens when muslims walk into a mall? Westgate, westgate happens


    Go take your propaganda elsewhere, away with you

  • I'm relatively sure that if I tried to rob anyone around here, muslim or not, I'd just get defeated in combat.

  • if i were in that situation, id shoot anyone, whenever i had an excuse.

    • don't you cut off people's hands for stealing in a lot of muslim countries? (Saudi Arabia?)

    • today no one steal anything in Saudi Arabia be it a one dollar or a billion dollar.

      imagine in world where whoever steals, his/her hand is cut off.

      I am sure the rate of stealing in the world would decrease to 00% (zero percentage).