Where is the 1st job a good place to start out at?


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  • I think something related to Customer Service is always a good idea. Many professional jobs require that experience. It can be at a store, teaching, office, etc. Lots to choose from. And you get used to being around others. Communication is key in almost any job. Verbal and Written. Find an industry and search for customer service positions. You can start as a volunteer first. I started as a volunteer teaching the elderly how to use computers. I'm a computer programmer now. The teaching part is like serving the customers. And move on from there.

  • I started in a mine which isn't a good idea. I suggest a shop or something like that

  • Depends on what you want to do in life if you want to do a appentiship go get a job doing that so you have any hours you need if you want to be a doctor see if you can work at the hospital and if you want to end up in prison take up drug dealing as a job


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