Did Barack Obama interfering in Brexit lead to Nigel Farage helping Donald Trump secure victory?

Barack Obama came to the UK during the referendum campaign and did what no other US politician has done in living memory and that is to try and intimidate and threaten the British people in voting to remain apart of a dying new world order project of globalization and ruthless capitalism that respected no national cultures, no governmental sovereignty and sought to undermine the great institution of common law. In doing so, Barack Obama marked himself out to be a target in arguably the most ruthless and polarizing politician in the UK since Margaret Thatcher; Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage the man who lead the rebellion against the political establishment, the big merchant banks, the multinational corporate machines and the bureaucratic and democratically absence European Union made his presence known on Donald Trump's electoral campaign. Nigel Farage seemed to galvanize Trump supporters in Mississippi. He tore down Obama and laid into Clinton while presenting Brexit as a case of hope for an angry, marginalized voting base that have been left behind by a globalized economic system that does not work for them.

Barack Obama should have learned just what a force Nigel Farage is. Nigel Farage isn't your typical American politician, he's built from the same iron that Thatcher was and I feel that Obama undermined Hillary Clinton's campaign with his unwanted intervention in Brexit.

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  • I think more people got out and voted


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