Planned on moving to Canada, Montreal; prior to Election Results. Will there be competition and how will it affect plans?

So I have a friend and she's Singaporean, to seek a better life elsewhere at 21, she has applied to a Canadian university in Montreal, Quebec. She is still waiting to be accepted. To be a permanent resident, it takes 2 years of residency and the ability to speak French. She is currently learning French. So the plan will be to get a student loan, study for 3 years and get the permanent residency after passing a French test. My question is, will the election affect any of her plans. I doubt so, because she's going to the French-speaking part of Canada which is less competitive compared to the rest of the Canadian states. what are your views?


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  • I do not think she will have any additional issues. by the way they are Provinces not States in Canada.

    • Sorry... rude thing to correct you. Just sensitive right now to be compared to the USA in any way. She will love Montreal. Its an amazing city.

    • Ah! Its fine! Merci <3

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  • It's different if she is a student. Not the same as someone who just wants to move here.

  • No there won't be only pussies said that and pussies never go through with what they say.