How can I improve my quality of life being single because I have an incurable disease that caused impotency and im only 30?


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  • Well, do you want kids? Would you be a step dad to the right woman? Adopt with the right woman? Or do you accept you won't have kids and leave it at that? If so, what would be stopping you meeting a woman who doesn't want kids? This is becoming much more common these days.

    You need to enjoy your life though. You deserve to, don't you think? Do things you enjoy, spend time on yourself and with yourself, love yourself, do things that make you smile, do things for yourself.

    • I accept that I won't have kids and leave it at that

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    • Ohh I went on a date with a guy with MS before. I don't know lots about it though. Just small things I've seen on TV like documentaries about somebodys life and stuff.
      From what I've seen everybody is different with it right? Like it affects them differently? But you can definitely do things and have some good days. You can even join the MS society to connect with more people and have friends who truly understand, because really even if somebody is understanding nobody will ever know truly what anything is like unless they've lived it.

  • Try finding hobbies you like etc


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  • Join an underground fight club and become a modern day gladiator, and live for glory and adrenaline instead of love and relationships, with hundreds to mid-twenty-thousands of followers on instagram and twitter.