Guys, Help! Bald Eagles stalking my Dog, how to make them go away?

Ok I have a shitzu of 8 years old and I have noticed Bald Eagles are stalking and trying to get to my dog. The last time I was standing outside with him, to let him used the bathroom and a flock of Bald black head eagles flocking our way. The leader was guiding them and the others follow. I got my dog and ran inside the house. I have put him inside.

Then I went to check to see where they went. The flock left except two circling around on top of my house and the neighbors down the street. I went inside, they eventually left. I guess they thought I was going to put my dog back outside, but not in this day and life I certainly will not. So is there anything to used, like a smell that Bald Eagles do not like to smell, so they won't come around? I live in Louisiana by the way...


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  • Dress up like a soldier. Hold out your arm and they should perch on it immediately. Bald Eagles recognize freedom and will go to it. Once this is done, put them in a cage and cart them off to the nearest American Flag. Release them and prepare to cry from all the freedom that has been unleashed.

    • You sure that would work?

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    • If you want a real suggestion, try putting a net up where your dog usually goes. That'll prevent the eagle from getting him. Be wary, the eagle could get caught though but it should deter them.

    • Oh wow I never knew that. I guess I learn something new everyday and ok thanks I will try your suggestion.


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  • That's highly unusual as they're mostly fish eagles

    • That's what I say, I think because my shitzu is fluffy and fat. I guess they really want him that bad...

    • Just make sure you're with the dog anytime it's out

    • Oh believe me I do. That's why I ran inside with him and Thanks...

  • Can't help ya and being protected species there is probably not too much you can do. Just gotta keep your dog inside.

    • Oh not good, because he has to used it, I am going to have to called wildlife authority tomorrow to see what they would say...

  • I'd contact the state wildlife agency. They may not do anything, but that's the first step.
    Most certainly *do not* interact with or harass the eagles, or you could be liable for an unbelievably high fine

    • Yeah I heard about that, but the thing is. They are stalking my dog, these are juniors so I know they looking for food. I don't think they get the white head until they reach 3 years old.

    • Yes, you're correct about the color, and I don't doubt in the least that they're looking for a potential meal. But trust me - the government is very serious about bald eagles. The best you can do is keep your dog away from them and talk to an official about the problem. If you try to do anything about it yourself and they find out, you'll be in very serious trouble.

    • I am going to have to called wildlife authority and see what they can do about it and thanks again.

  • you can blow up large ballon and let it float , tied to your house. it may help. sorry to say but you can't do much other than always keep eye on your dog when out.
    you can buy toy gun but don't hurt them for pleasure.

    • What can the large ballon do, that would make them go away?

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    • large ballon can help. they don't know that it is ballon, for them it is new predator.

    • Ok I am going to try that...

  • How big is your dog?

    • The kind of dog she has are real small. Perfect for an Eagle to snatch lol

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    • That crows and ravens would be a good idea, but I don't have seen any around here...

    • Typo I didn't seen any around here