Guys if you are not attracted to a girl does that mean you think she's ugly?

Or is it just that you are not attracted to her. For example, I can sometimes see why certain guys might appear good-looking to other people but I'm not really attracted to them.


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  • No, it means she's not our type. Like if I saw megan fox, or some other hot girl. I'll be turned off.

    • Would you not really care about being rude to megan fox een though she's as beautiful as she is?
      I ask because sometimes I feel as though... when a guy is rude to me I sometimes think is it because I'm not attractive or something? Someone once told me no one messes with pretty girls

    • Pretty girls get too much attention which makes the guy pursuing her work twice as hard. So I just give up. And it's true. I would be rude to her if she's rude to me. Nor respect me. Well that's terrible assumption lady. Don't let you insecurities cloud your way of life. I wonder how you look like. Lol.

  • Absolutely not. There's so many things that we find girls attractive. It's not just how they look

  • No it does not mean she is ugly. Just means not his preference... or not a personalty he likes.


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