Have you ever met someone who is a diagnosed sociopath?

I myself have been diagnosed with it. I don't kill people. I just don't feel emotions the way you do, it's just deadness inside. I can't feel empathy for you and I can't wrap my head around why people care about things that happen to someone besides them. You would never even know though. Other than the gaze, I know about it and I love using it. It amuses me that I can draw people in with my eyes. Or look at the back of your head so intensely that you begin to feel like a baby deer being watched by a hungry wolf. Then when you spin around and make eye contact and look unnerved it's the closest I can get to actual happiness. This isn't really a question I just wanted to talk about it and maybe people understand not everyone with this disorder is the next Ted bundy.


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  • Yes and no. I wasn't doing it because I wanted to and in the long run I don't consider myself to of been in a relationship with them. My work required I deal with people undercover and sometimes I had to make things work even if I didn't want to go there. But these people did kill others, steal, were abusive and highly manipulative.

    I was involved with someone who came off as narcissistic. I was involved with his brother first then he insisted we break up. Actually he did things to cause it and his brother told me he loved me more as a friend. I don't know what to call the relationship in the end. We looked out for each other in a war zone as kids which is probably part of why he was like that. Also he got the nickname of the beast at one point so he got afraid to show others what he was truly like. Not unlike the guy in the role of Lucifer (in the tv show of the same name). Sometimes I guess you get possessive of the people you know you can count on that don't run when they see you at your worst when you're just trying to survive.

    While I have a different diagnosis involving autistic tendencies and other things. One of my abilities as a kid was to be able to size people up. Sometimes I could be the meanest person around if I thought someone was an idiot. I could bring them to tears because I was very good at figuring out what they were like. I wasn't always mean though. My best friend in one country and my older brother were good influences on me that way. Then having my baby sister many years later. Who unlike me stayed dark (I had vitiligo along with cancer).

    Though for many years because of some nasty people I had to play along and play the more submissive, don't rock the boat kind of role in life. Which pretty much was the opposite of how I was. Either I'm a really good actor or they are exceedingly stupid because they bought it quite well. I'm more the rise from the dead and spontaneously combust your enemies or rip them limb from limb as a zombie. Not the "oh where is my little star ended wand to bonk you on the head and make everything ok." I believed in using logic and reasoning. More like Amy Fara-Fowler and Bernadette packed into Penny's body (big bang theory) well when I was younger and my body was better. But medicine can fix a lot of things these days or if you watched chappie uploading yourself to an android body. haha

    Not that I don't have my soft fuzzy side. I do after all like cute animal videos...


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  • This is interesting.
    Usually sociopaths have a history of being violent to bugs, animals and doing weird and violent shit to their toys?
    Do you think you're narcissistic? Sociopaths are too into themselves to ever admit being abnormal.
    Do you see interactions with others as something that benefits you? Or do you ever get happiness from helping others?


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  • Nope

  • I wasn't diagnosed as one but I was one for several years - maybe even a decade. I got over it by giving money to hungry kids in Africa. Now I cry when I think about how unfortunate they are.

    • Not how it works you can't have anti social personality disorder and be a sociopath or a psychopath then change

    • You can if you believe in God.

    • I'm sure

  • You didn't convince me that you wouldn't be the next Ted Bundy.

    • Why not?

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    • That knows I'm not a terrible human being?

    • Yeah, im not saying you are a terrible human being, for all i know you might be better than most "normal" people, but lacking empathy does not tell me that i can immediately assume the best.

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  • Not that I know of.

  • I think I self diagnosed myself once with it. And who cares we all have a little crazy in us anyway

    • I meant clinically diagnosed. I don't think it's crazy I think you people are crazy.

    • Ah well I have net since people who can be considered anti social lol still don't care

    • Met some****

  • you're not the next ted, for ted is a full blown psychopath. A sociopath only has a few characteristics of a psychopath and its different for each person. Sociopaths and psychopaths are the people you'd expect to be charismatic and nothing seems to be wrong with them since they rarely show any signs of being crazy/mentally ill, when they do its too late. It surprises me you already reveal that you are 'one' in which I think you're not.

    • No shit fucktard, I said I wasn't the next Ted bundy I understand the difference. But thank you for your informing me about a disorder I have. But why wouldn't I admit it anonymously I only need to hid it from people in person

    • If you were one you'd act completely normal and manipulate people, even when doing it anonymously. I see you were quite annoyed quickly which is not a sign of being a sociopath since their basic characteristic is being calm and manipulative but okay you may self diagnose yourself if you like to be mysterious

    • You understand there are varying levels of the disorder right and most of us can choose to be manipulative if we want to. That's why 1/25 Americans have the disorder just at varying levels. I am not so bad as someone like Ted bunds and I'm not annoyed by you I just think your a fucktard