Is it healthy? can I lose weight?

i have one banana and ten almonds with a cup of herbal tea
as a snack i have fruit again
at lunch i have a sandwich with tea or fruit juice
as snack fruit or chocolate
at dinner i hav a plant of vegetable with (one or two slices) bread
is it healthy?
can i lose weight with this diet?


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  • It seems sorely lacking in protein. My fear is too much of the weight loss would be lean mass slowing your metabolism.


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  • Yes, but is this Filling enough for you Here, dear?
    Someone like Myself who Falls off the Weight Wagon once in a Blue Half Moon, will barely Spoon a Dip of some Dip, and Lose Very quickly. Exercise also goes Hand in Hand.
    Put a little More Salad fixings and Perhaps a Piece of Chicken Breast, no Skin, on your plate. Drink Plenty of water. I would also Suggest, for I have been taking these since I was six, a Multiple Vitamin to Help fill in what you do Not always Make nor Partake. xx

    • Thanks for the Like.
      Reduced Peanut butter, a dab, is Filling and Protein Filled. xx

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    • So welcome, hun. If you are in the USA, partake in the Turkey next Thursday, Cheat Day for all of us. xx

    • Thanks for the Vote of Confidence. xx


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  • depends on your size, but best way to loose weight is do some light exercise which lifts your heart rate to just below 120bpm, and eat sensibly

    • i do cardio 4 timesin a week. not less than 25 minute

  • yes but you do need meat for the iron content you can't get from the fruit and vegetables make a tight fist. thats how big your serving of meat should be.

  • Yes it is just don't overthink about it.


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  • in my opinion, the best way to lose weight is to have organized meals