Im worried I will be "friendless" next semester?

I have never been a person with many friends, throughout the years (pre-school untill now) I would have one best friend or/and close friend and 1-2 kinda close friends

It takes time for me to make friends, and i have accepcted that, but after moving in August, the only close friends i have made are my roomies. The only problem with that is that one of them is leaving next month, and isn't coming back, the other will only leave for 2-3 months, but that means (unless i make other friends) for 2-3 months i'll spend a lot of my freetime alone.

I feel like i can talk to all my classmates, and im comfortable in my class, but lm not really friends with them so to speak. Im staying for at least 6 months before i might move again, so i have to live with this for a while.

Any advice on how to deal with this situation? its a real consern for me, what if i end up "friendless",


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  • You know, I know that social life can be tough for young people, especially since it's like the most important thing to them at your age. If you have trouble making friends, I would suggest trying to date online. You'll have a gaggle of guys who flock to you trying to ask you out and I believe it'll put you in a position where you'll never be alone unless you want to be.

    The classic suggestion would be to join a club or something, but there's a certain aspect of that that requires you to still take the initiative and quite frankly, if you were that personality type, you wouldn't be asking this question. Dating on the other hand requires low energy and the guy does at least half the work.

    • I am a part of a football team, so i do socialize somewhat besides my roomues. I have been considering dating to eliminate some of the potential loneliness i might experience, so if it gets to the point where i really dont have any choice, i probably will do what you suggested

  • Step out of your normal mode, and be more active in meeting people


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  • You'll only end up friendless if you don't do anything about the situation.
    You said that you can talk to all your classmates and you're comfortable around them. That's good. Start with that. Befriend a few of them.