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  • I watched this video with interest as this topic is dear to my heart. I agree with all that was said, but would expand it somewhat. It is, not wrong to speak of obeying the commandments, but If we see God as our loving parent, with our best interests at heart then we must come to agree with Jesus that we were not made for the law, the law was made for us, that the law is the path to universal peace, love, harmony. The commandments do not restrict us, they are our freedom. Thus it is of paramount importance that we fully understand each commandment, what does it mean? Why is it there? Why should we follow it? Where do we acquire this wisdom? As a Christian I look at the themes of Jesus' teaching. What did he say? What virtues did he espouse? How did he behave? So I read the commandments in the context of poverty of spirit, humility, peacemaking, love of my enemy, to find forgiveness in forgiving, to turn the other cheek when slapped in the face. In short, submission. The first commandment, there is one God, do not worship false gods. Do I break this law by worshipping pagan deities? There is but one god, but one God can have as many names as s/he wants, so the answer is no. More consistent with Jesus' teaching and example is understanding that the false gods arise from within. Pride. Arrogance. Pursuit of wealth at the expense of others. so Jesus perfects the law, rephrasing the negative, what not to do, into a positive, what we should be doing. 'Don't break the sabbath rules' becomes 'be kind to yourself. Take time to rest and relax, recharge your energy.' And 'don't take my name in vain' becomes 'be tolerant and respectful of others.' God is not our excuse to forcibly convert millions of of pagans to Christianity. This is the saddest commandment because of the misery inflicted on the world by, for example, the Crusades, undertaken as 'the will of God.' That is taking God's name in vain. Or the Christian invasion of the Americas in the names of gold, glory (violations of the first commandment) and God (violation of the second). True believers should never proselytise, but rather take time to understand understand and see the one true God in his/her multitude of names.
    How should we utilise our lives? To love and cherish the living law that our loving God has given us and so create heaven on earth.

  • I never saw the point. It usually just ends in less than a century anyway. Building a life = building a sand castle while the tide is coming in.