Why does biting myself make me less angry?

I have become so frustrated at numerous times in the day that I'll bite myself really hard on my arm because it takes away any anger that I have for the moment otherwise I feel like I'm going to explode or hurt someone other than myself.


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  • Certain types of inquries release an endorphin hormone through your body. Endorphin releases for various releases but for pain it acts as a natural pain killer. A rush of Endorphin release occurs during an orgasm as well. Endorphin hitting the brains drains your emotions as well. It's a pretty much an emotional sedative.
    This explains why people are into BDSM and all pain to sex.

    The release of endorphins is addictive and people urge for that feeling because of this. (HENCE 99% of the time people who cut their arms for this purpose. They are just not aware of why they can't stop).

    Instead of hurting yourself do healthy things to get that release. Fitness is known to offer that same feeling. Try pushing yourself hard with working out. You'll feel much better at the end.


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  • Self harm. It's a way some people cope with things, a dangerous and damaging way, but it's something people do.
    There is no fix for all, you'll have to find what suits you, but look up different techniques and find one that is suited to you and works well for you, not just works for somebody else.


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  • That's self harm. See a therapist