Did someone tried to break into your apartment?

i was sitting in the apartment watching tv. thank god my door was locked and suddenly my door knob moved slowly as someone trying to sneak in. what should i do he only did it once. what should i do? i really dont feel safe.


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  • Probably just trying doors to rob the house. You'd be surprised how many people don't lock doors of cars or homes and have things stolen because of this.

    Of course, very scary to go through, it's your home where you should feel safe and somebody invaded that, but don't worry, I really doubt they'll be back. They know you lock your door now.


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  • I always lock my door, so never.


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  • put a door stop
    if you have money, invest in a camera
    ... bike thefts are pretty common at college areas. is it possible you can keep the bike inside? i also know some people would remove the wheel to prevent theft

    • i dont really car about my bike its in now but they where most targeting my apartment

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    • they're locks that keep the window closed or open no more than a few inches. just look it up. you can get a basic one for under $5.

    • oh nice thank you

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  • I suggest call police and held a something as a weapon instantly.

    • man it happened like 10 mins ago. like its weird at the same time my roomate heard the chains where i tied my bicycle like someone was shaking them for a reason i dont know why?

    • Lock the door and stay away from it. Someone tried to steal bicycle at the middle of the night I bet or something else.

    • it was like two guys i think and it felt like he was making sound the other guy won't be heard like a distraction kinda

  • it was probably a neighbors kid

    • i wish it was a kid but the place i live in has no kids at all because its an apartment complex close to university it feels more of a dorm but bigger. everybody there is a student. like i haven't seen a family yet and i know who my neighbors are.