I'm interested in two guys and I'm confused. Please give me your thoughts, thanks?

I have two guys I'm interested in, the first one I'll call K, the second one I'll call T. K is definitely my "type", he's smart, knows how to be serious at the appropriate time, but also knows when to joke around and is usually caught doing so. I think I really like K and I would know so and be content and not confused, if T wasn't here. But T is in existence and is confusing me big time. I try to ignore T's existence because he somehow creeps me out AND turns me on... But whenever I try to do that my eyes seem to follow him, (after a few days I forget his existence, somehow he catches my attention and then I can't look away) . The reason I find T creepy is because sometimes I feel like I'm being stared at, I turn around and T's looking at me with a somewhat creepy look in eyes, I'm creeped out by it yet I somehow like it... But I also really K, but I feel like K might hate me and I dunno why... Please help me out. Thank you in advance : )


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  • If I thought a girl liked me AND another guy, I'd walk away from it. I don't need a player


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  • If I was in that situation, I'd choose K. I wouldn't go for T, if he creeps you out then stay away.