Which modelling name is the best one (for an alternative, tattooed female model)?

Mostly asking guys as my target audience is men.

  • Ivy Gehenna
    50% (4)12% (1)31% (5)Vote
  • Amber Gehenna
    0% (0)12% (1)6% (1)Vote
  • Eliza Gehenna
    12% (1)12% (1)12% (2)Vote
  • Scarlett Gehenna
    25% (2)12% (1)19% (3)Vote
  • Holly Gehenna
    0% (0)12% (1)6% (1)Vote
  • Adelina Gehenna
    13% (1)12% (1)12% (2)Vote
  • Ruby Gehenna
    0% (0)28% (2)14% (2)Vote
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19d Updating this to specify the appearance as some people asked in the comments:

Body type - curvy
Skin tone - very pale
Hair colour - red
Vibe I want to give off - seductive/sexy


What Guys Said 2

  • First, what's your kind of appearance? What's the type of impression that you'd want for your appearance to give off? What vibe?

    More specifically, hair colour, skin tone, your body size and shape/build also comes into consideration when selecting a connotative name that corresponds with your impressions.

    Scarlett/ruby for example would make a well name for a redhead model.

    Ivy - for white/blonde/platinum.

    • 19d

      Thanks for your answer! I'm a redhead, so would you say Ruby or Scarlett? :)

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    • 19d

      http://i68. tinypic. com/2liwtok. png

      Sorry I meant to post this

    • 19d

      The image won't show, neither does the URL work

  • Ruby... i like Ruby.


What Girls Said 2

  • Amber or Ivy

  • Why so set on gehenna?

    • 19d

      I already have a fan base that know me by this last name so I don't want to change it too drastically :)

    • 19d

      I kinda didn't like it, but honestly im not your target fan so if i were you i wouldn't listen to me. I kinda liked adelina... stay away from scarlett though, its too obvious for what you are doing and is also too close to a famous actress name so it lacks some authenticity. Good luck to you.