How do I get the security I want in life?

I feel connected to the past and no matter how hard I try I can't let it go. when someone hurts me or I fail at something all the bad memories flood my head like a pitfall and I sink into depression and anger. all I really want is security. I want to know that everything is okay in the midst of adversity because when something comes up, telling myself everything is okay is like lying to myself.


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  • I recommend you take a stab at Way of the Superior Man by David Deiva, book speaks about feminine and masculine energy, the 3 stages of men, life goals and missions, how to achieve your dreams, amongst other subjects, pretty powerful stuff man.

  • You're fucked

  • You just gotta keep moving,
    You're still flying, its not much but its enough

    • 20d

      well I can't just stop, I always keep moving I'm just trying to walk rather than wabble if you get my drift