How to prevent a scar from fading?

I have lots of scars. Some of them are fading, some will clearly be here forever...

But there's a particular scar I really want to keep for the rest of my life (I won't go into details). I got it around a month ago. So, help? how can I prevent it from fading?


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  • Deepen the scar

    • Will it make it bigger and uglier or just prevent it from fading?

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    • That's funny


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  • It depends on your genes. Some people form scar tissue others dont. My scars fade bit they remain forever. Everytime i got hurt all scars are still there. Its not as fun as you think it is.

    • I know. I have lots of scars LOTS. I hate most of them but there's a special reason why I wanna keep this one lol

  • Keep puncturing it basically. Keep it out of the sun. If it's fading, it's likely a really tiny scar.


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  • I don't know stay in the sun/don't scrub that part of your skin/don't apply anything on it

  • ... U can't ur cells will heal them no matter what. Unless u do self harm which is NOT healthy

    • If i scratch or make a new wound on top of that scar, will it prevent it from fading or will it make it bigger and uglier?

    • I don't know, ur cells will see a problem and will try to fix it. There is no 100% full proof of knowing what will happen if you do more self harm

  • The only thing I can think of is going over it again and again. Or a picture. Or one of those special tattoos that remain like a scar

    • I've never heard of those tattoos

    • I looked it up and it's something like white ink tattooing overtime it'll fade into a scar