What will you choose? Starting your own career or helping your family's business?


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  • Depends on a few things. Do you enjoy the family business? How does it pay? Is there growth opportunity?
    I ran my family business for a while. I hated it from the start but wanted to try it. It was a dead end that made no money so I got out as fast as I could. There is no right or wrong answer.

  • Which produces a higher economic profit?

    • I still don't have a new job. I m still managing our business and I think I am not gaining any career growth.

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    • My decision process wouldn't equal yours.

    • Then put your feet in to my shoes. And tell me what are you going to do. It's just a basis. :)

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  • I guess it probably depends what my family's business is. For instance, if they are running chicken farm, im probably going to be choosing my own career.

    • What if it is a hospital?

    • Depends on what id be doing i guess. Not going to be an bed pan cleaning for me.