Just for fun: Who would you choose to be your new family? From these cartoon shows? And why?

Bob & Linda Belcher ( Bob's Burgers )
Peter & Lois Griffin ( Family Guy )
Homer & Marge Simpson ( The Simpsons )
Stan & Francine Smith ( American Dad )
Hank & Peggy Hill ( King Of The Hill )
My answer: Bob and Linda Belcher because they treat their kids well and I think it would be awesome to work at a Burger place plus Tina, Louise, and Gene would be fun to hang around with.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've got 20 years of the Simpsons under my belt. Problem is I don't have to desire them. After growing up watching it my whole life I've become somewhere just like them.

    • Actually now that I think of it, I also watched just as much KOTH. But thats my conservative side. I'm much more like Dale and Bill. I love Dales eccentric mind, and I love Bills sweet heart.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Bob and Linda are the best. Besides all the other families on the other shows are crap.

    • Wow is looks like Bob burger is sweeping people off their feet. American dad and family guy got to go!

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  • Bob and Linda

  • bob and Linda because they would be nice and I could go hangout with Louise gene and Tina