Is it weird to want to pursue a relationship with someone who is in a different stage of life than you?

I am done university and the guy I sort of? had a crush on is still there.

I think when I talked to him which was really briefly I realized there's a good chance he doesn't like me. I also realized that the only reason he was being nice is because I no longer had any connection with him.

I am watching my peers working, building their life, moving forward. It makes me wonder if I only like him because I'm not moving forward.


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  • I think you're probably overstating the "different stage of life" thing. I mean, he's in school and you just finished school so how different could that be? I think what's most strange is that you're asking about a guy that you're pretty sure doesn't have any interest in you. You're young and at your prime mating age. There is a near-limitless pool of guys out there that are available to date and you should be pursuing someone who actually wants to be with you. The fact that he doesn't seem to like you should be reason enough to forget about him.

  • Not weird, it happens and some life stages can be "irregular".

  • No it's not weird


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