Why do I have little inch hairs/very short hairs on top of my head?

It's extremely irritating may I add. I've been growin out my hair for more or less 2 years and I'm not very happy with the result as of now. It's really the only thing wrong with my hair because it just makes it way more poofy and the front part is just completely frizzed out and going everywhere. It seems like a lot of my hair is just random ass lengths, like one strand will just have a bunch of different lengthed strands mingling with it... What do I do? I mean, I just keep it tied until I get it to a certain length and then hopefully it'll be better by then, but it's really annoying because there is no reason those certain hairs should be that short 2 years down the line. Any advice?

Why do I have little inch hairs/very short hairs on top of my head?

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  • This is the type of hair you have. I have similar hair. It will only get to a certain length no matter how long I let it grow. I'm not sure when it reaches it's maximum length, maybe within 18 months (total guess). After that I could grow it ten years and it wouldn't get any longer.

    If you want it long, talk to a good hair stylist. Have them cut the ends and clean it up. It'll look better and grow a little longer if that's what you want. Ask them about shampoos, etc. Ask them for the cheap stuff not the expensive salon stuff they sell.

    Clean and massage your scalp well to help new hair come in. Don't clean your hair too much to the point of making it worse because it's so dried out. Don't comb it too much. That's just going to make it frizz more. Comb it after you wash it, and maybe in the morning at most. Otherwise just run your fingers though it.

    But as I said, that's just the type of hair you have.


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  • I'm a girl, so I'll try and give you the best advice that I can.
    Maybe try and moisturize your hair with a hair mask or conditioner or something. It seems like your hair is dry and therefore brittle.


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