How come The Americans say they're going to Canada not Mexico?

During the trump election thing everybody said. We going to canada?


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  • Does that mean they are just as hypocritical and racist toward the Mexicans?


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  • In Mexico the mob are real rulers, and the government is scared of them as well so they don't help people when they are in trouble in fear that they too will be endangering their own families. So the population in Mexico lives in fear, they gather up money and try to run from the place they call him, not because it's what they want but because they want a safe future for their family. If the government wasn't as corrupt as it is and had more power over the top evil people there, Mexicans would love to stay and live a happy life where they call home.

    Because of the poverty, I believe that the government there doesn't care to actually rid these bad people from the country because it's business for them, they gain something from it aside from fear.

    If you loved your house but a greater power came and put it in danger, even if you loved it, you'd get out as fast as possible once you realized there wasn't much you could actually do to take down the ones who pose a threat.

    Any Mexican would love to go back to Mexico if the government actually did something to stop the crime. And it's not to say that all Mexicans are criminals, but the top people there are, which is why the entire country lives in fear and poverty.

    Most people in the states have no clue about what really goes on in their own country much less what goes on in others. What a shame to be so naive and aloof.

  • Americans generally prefer not being kidnapped and having their heads and limbs chopped off. Of course, the trade off is being freaking cold most of the year,, thats a close second but obviously preferrable.

  • Because, while America is supposed to readily welcome Mexicans into our border according to the people leaving, Mexico doesn't take us in that easy.

    Also Canada has stricter immigration laws (like the US should have) so good luck everyone who wants an open border getting in there.

    • And for some people even though they preach about how Mexicans are a contribution to society, they're scared to live there

    • Also fun fact, Mexico has a wall. A shitty one but still a wall

    • Mexico is just as bad as the places we are bombimh lets be honest

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  • Why move from one third world country to another third world country?