Who remembers the movie "Arachnophobia"? Which one would you rather happen to you?

I'd rather have two girls see my naked body! I'm not an arachnophobic, but I can't stand poisonous spiders.

  • I'd rather have a poisonous spider crawl down my body while I'm taking a shower.
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  • I'd rather have two members of my opposite gender see my naked body.
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  • I'd rather have a few members of the opposite sex catch me in the wrong bathroom. O wait I have had that happen before. I was locking up the park and half of the adult women's soccer league finished practicing and wanted to use the restroom. They made me wait to lock it up and were not at all happy to have found me in there. Making sure that it was empty.


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  • Spiders aren't poisonous, they're venomous.

    • Which one is better? Venomous spider on you or two guys seeing your naked body?

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