What do you think would occur?

If you were the last male on earth, all billion others were females.

And if you were the last female on earth, all billion others were males.


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  • i'd be getting an unlimited supply of bomb ass dick lol jk maybe


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  • I suppose if there are absolutely no other means to reproduce in a world like that other than through me, such as if I were to die then that would eventually mean humanity would eventually become extinct either way, and it's guaranteed?

    But since I absolutely never want to reproduce, I really would rather it just be done and over with forever. You may think that I am wrong to think and feel this way, but I really feel that it would be for the greater good.

    I know I definitely need to get a vasectomy or if possible use some kind of drug that would permanently render me infertile, render all of my sperm cells useless, though sometimes I wish I'm already infertile. That's the most important thing I'd do if I was the very last male left alive on this planet, since I do not want this world to continue to additional unwanted and unasked for pain, miseries and suffering.

    Maybe it's not so bad, I presume all the ladies left alive in the world would eventually learn to co-exist peacefully and get along with each other while the "Titanic is sinking" instead of raising weapons to annihilate and slaughter each other. They'll finally learn to care about each other and take care of each other as their time would eventually run out, or that they don't.

    Besides I think it is better for the human race to end painlessly without anymore possibilities of any more births compared to the scenario or situations where humans would normally fight against each other and completely destroy each other through warfare, and cause further damage, pain and suffering for each other, other living things on the planet and the environment itself.

    However, I suppose if aliens from another planet came to earth to reproduce with them, that might still keep half of humanity still going, but oh well. I also thought that even if I were to reproduce that would eventually lead to incestuous relationships between offspring, so it's better off letting humanity die out instead for this situation.

    @Unit1 @Library what do you guys think? If no additional births are possible for a scenario like this do you guys believe extinction would be painless?

    • Contrary to being painless, I think we would see the rise of one or multiple radical feminist religions that would plunge the remainder of our species into perpetual warfare and division with one another. This tends to happen in all doomsday scenarios, be it with environmentalists to religions like Jim Jones and the People's Temple. In this case, it would be feminism. They would view it as the sisterhood inheriting the planet, and those who disagree as being supporters of the patriarchy to be exterminated on sight.

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    • Yep, I agree with the extinction part. However I wouldn't really put much thought into aliens since we have no signs of their presence.

      But still, good deep thoughts. I'd stop the human race for the better future of it's remaining inhabitants. We do nothing but reproduce, multiply, consume and destroy this planet and the other organisms. Nothing more.


    • I don't think extinction would be painless. People will begin to get old. The younger generation isn't there to run things while old people can't do much. I think we can adapt but there will be pain in the process of adaptation.

  • Realistically it would not make much of a difference given than there are still sperm banks. The human race would live on. However, as far as sheer pleasure is concerned, I would be the last man capable of providing such a need for the next 18 or so years. I would take advantage of it to find the most beautiful wife, maybe hold a beauty pageant consisting of gymnastics, dancing, and cheerleading.

    • Too bad he didn't say anything such as absolutely all sperm cells are destroyed or rendered useless other than the last surviving male, I did forget about this. But if he did, then?

    • @JudgmentDay In that case? I find the perfect wife, gather a few female friends and family whom I can truly trust, and live out the apocalypse on some far away island like Catalina. Things are inevitably going to get ugly as I strongly believe that the women will fight and rush their impending extinction. Even if I caved in and impregnated every woman that came to me, I would only prolong the inevitable as incest would occur. Might as well stay true to my values and just flee from it all.

  • I probably still wouldn't be able to find anyone.


  • I would have to get a vasectomy then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    But there are still sperm banks, so humanity will never perish until natural disasters wipe us all out such as the sun burning out.

  • For survival purposes, I would impregnate several of them. Obviously I would still only want a relationship with 1 girl, and I would only have feelings for that one girl, but I would have to at least impregnate some other girls to keep the human species alive

  • Worship my cock...