can't stop thinking about this guy?

So at my old job I had a small crush on my boss. I was able to do my work just fine and my mind could be at peace. Instead of day dreaming about him all the time. I recently moved and quit my job because I went to a different state. Now for some reason the feeling is stronger. I think about him a lot. I think about what it would be like to have sex with him mostly. I honestly can't decide if its a crush are a lust thing. I thought once I moved and stopped seeing him in the store Id easy move on but its just worse. Any ideas on way the feeling is stronger?


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  • The reason your feelings are stronger could be because you are away from someone you have feelings for and you can't do anything about it but to think about him all the time. Also listing is when you think of the desire pleasure or sexual needs and love is when you think of hanging out with him and life with him

  • honestly i can be lust or love or it can be both and when i say love i mean like strong like but datting other men won't solve it cause if you see him again it may trigger your feelings back again


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  • I've been through this before. It's because you aren't around him right now. Trust me, after about 2-3 months you'll stop thinking about him. Try talking to guys in your new town.

    • It's like your just lusting for him. I've lusted for a lot of guys that I have never actually had sex with (either because it was inappropriate or the circumstances weren't right). It's completely normal what you're feeling.